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As a wedding photographer, I want you to enjoy your day and keep beautiful memories in the same time. I escort you throughout the whole day, and photograph important moments like getting ready, ceremony, couple and group portraits… I also get the emotional moments, guests reactions, decoration details and even the landscape around. Here are the different stages of the process:

the process

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You saw my photos and like my photography style? I suggest we meet in real life or with Skype. In this way, you will be able to tell me about your expectations, your fears, and your desires. You are going to know me better and determine if I am the photographer that you really want for your wedding.


You are decided and want me to photograph your wedding! It’s time to sign a contract that specifies everything that will be included in my service. In this way, you will not have any bad surprise. Your date will be definitively booked after you pay a deposit.

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Before the wedding

Between the signature of the contract and the wedding day, I will send you a short questionnaire to get to know you better. We will discuss about the planning of the wedding, I will advise you on the best schedules and places to realize the photos. If you wish, we can also do a engagement session, the last one before you officially get married! You can get used to be photographed and be totally relaxed on the wedding day.


Wedding day

On the wedding day, I will constantly be at your side, while remaining discreet. I will photograph key moments, such as the bride and groom getting ready, the ceremony, the cocktail. I will also make photos of guests, details, places… To sum up, everything that will allow you to remember this day. And off course, couple and group photographies!

After the wedding

Once the wedding is over, I carefully sort and edit your photos. You will receive an online gallery you can easily share with all guests. I will send you a USB key in a nice wooden box, with all the photos in high definition. And of course (if you chose it), you will receive an album with the most beautiful pictures of the day.

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wedding bonuses

wedding preparation

To get the whole atmosphere of the wedding, I can be here the day before and photograph your family and your friends working to make everything ready on the day. This is a sort of behind the scenes of your wedding, with the difficulties, laughter, exchanges that you may not be able to attend because of your own preparations.

day after brunch

Once the wedding is over, the tension falls and you can enjoy the presence of your friends and family sometimes coming for far away. I can be here to get memories of this family meeting, in smaller and less formal committee than the day of the wedding.

Photo sessions

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The wedding proposal is almost as emotional as the wedding itself! What about immortalizing this moment? Make your partner believe that you want to do a couple session, and the day of the session, make your request!

engagement session

A romantic photo shoot before the wedding is an opportunity to become familiar with the camera and learn to be more relaxed. It’s also a memory of when you were still “single”, not yet united for life. We choose together the place and the atmosphere to realize this session.

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Day after getaway

Once the wedding is over, I suggest you put on your wedding dress and suits again. This is an opportunity to make a couple session without the stress of D-Day, and with more freedom regarding the duration and place. We will be able to shoot the photos of your dreams, escape abroad, pose in unusual places, everything is possible!

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