Where are you located? Are you traveling?

I am living in France in Correze, but I can travel all over France and Europe.

What is your photographic style?

I make soft, poetic and natural photos. I love taking pictures immersed in nature, playing with lights, landscapes.

How many photos will we get?

It depends on the time I spend with you, but for an 8 hours coverage, you will have more than 300 photos.

How long after the wedding will we receive the photos?

The photos will be available in the online gallery about 1 month after the wedding. The USB key will be sent in the same time. Paper prints, photo albums or other printed media will be sent 3 weeks after the selection of photos.

How can we book our wedding date?

First, contact me with the details of your wedding: date, place, desired time of coverage…
I will tell you my availability on this date.
We will discuss about your wedding, your whishes and the organization. After that, you will need to sign a contract, and pay a deposit. And your wedding date will be definitively booked!

What is the best time for an outdoor ceremony from a photographic point of view?

The best time is at the end of the day, in the shade, two or three hours before sunset. Indeed, the grazing light is much more beautiful and softer. Plus, it avoids getting too hot or having sun in your eyes. To be sure of having successful photos in the middle of the day, it is best to be in the shade.

How do we do a couple session during the wedding?

Couple session can be done at once, it takes about 45 minutes. The ideal time is in the early evening, one to two hours before sunset. It is also possible to do several mini sessions of couple photos throughout the wedding, so the bride and groom do not stay too away from the guests.

How do we do group pictures during the wedding?

We define in advance when in the day we will make these photos. You can note the different groups that you want to build. D-day, you make the groups, and I take pictures.

What if it rains on the wedding day?

Try to plan B for events that are going to be outside. You can also plan large transparent umbrellas to shelter you. A rainy wedding is not necessarily missed, and it can give very original photos! If the rain is really strong, we can do the couple session another day that.

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