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I want my photos to be light, fresh, full of softness and poetry. My goal is to highlight you using the environment and the light. I also edit each photo carefully to fit my style and enhance your beauty!


Nature is my greatest source of inspiration. It offers a show that is both simple and magical, constantly changing. Huge forests, morning haze, light through the leaves, each detail has its own beauty.
Like a conductor, I play with lights, atmospheres, foliage, and all that nature offers to highlight your love!


I am very conscientious and love my work. I am the kind of person to be rather early than late ^^
I am constantly training to improve my photos, shooting techniques and editing. You can rely on my commitment and reliability.


Discreet by nature, I will give you advises and be at your side during your wedding without being assertive. You will be able to fully enjoy your day without having a stifling photographer by your side.

Nature Wedding Photographer

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